Investing in Website Maintenance & Design For You
02 Jun 2016

Investing in Website Maintenance & Design For You

We have finally got round to getting our website updated and here is our brand new WordPress website design! We needed to update our website to stay up to date with Google’s every changing updates to ensure we stay the number one DJ company in the area! We also wanted to give our visitors an easier experience while on our site. Not only did we want to make it more appealing for our visitors on laptops and desktops, we needed to make our site look incredible on all devices including mobiles and tablets.

The Design Brief and Build

We wanted to use bright, new colours that tie in to our brand a lot more as our old site was a little on the dull side in regards to our colour scheme. We wanted to use light blues, white space and plenty of stunning, HD images to bring each web page to life. I love the scrolling effect of images that i have seen on other websites where you scroll down the page and the image stays still. I believe this is called parallax. Increasing visitor conversions on each web page was a must and the ability for users to be able to get in touch with us easily on every page was top priority. We wanted to make every single web page, product and service reachable within only two clicks.

We passed our design brief on to the web designer and this is what they have come up with! What do you think? Ticked every box in our requirements and then some.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Once our new WordPress website was build our next priority was to make sure our website always stays looking fresh and up to date. No only with content, latest news, services and products giving you all the information about what SoundImages Roadshow has to offer but also with all the nitty gritty stuff like coding, SEO, backlinks etc. This stuff is what keeps us high on Google if you didn’t know by the way!

We wanted to invest heavily into keeping our website up to date and running correctly to give our clients the best possible experience and up to date information while on our website. We used for our website maintenance who both built our new site and also takes care of all this nitty gritty SEO and website management aspects. these guys are always on hand to update our website to deliver the best possible experience for you.

Online Quotes and Online Booking

We have multiple links throughout all our web pages where you can request a free quote and availability for all our products and DJ services. This allows you to get the exact price for everything that you require for your big event. We take secure online payments (credit/debit cards) to get your event booked in and ready to go.

Moving Forward

As mentioned, SoundImages Roadshow have invested heavily in to website maintenance and development to ensure were the industry leaders in disco events today and in the future. We have always provided exceptional disco events and we wanted this to reflect online.

If you have any suggestions or improvements for our website please do not hesitate to let us know!